Mark Bradford's Art Is In A League Of Its Own
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I was very impressed with Anderson Cooper’s 60 Minutes interview with Mark Bradford - what an amazing story and artist. A South Los Angeles native, Bradford grew up in his mother’s hair salon – eventually, becoming a hairstylist himself. He started taking art classes at a community college in his thirties and because he couldn’t afford expensive paint he would make art with supplies from the salon or Home Depot. His work is comprised of collage and installations reflecting deep underground communities, networks, political and social commentary and layers upon layers of paper constructed and deconstructed. He hardly uses any paint! About his work, Bradford states “[m]y practice is both collage and decollage at the same time. Decollage you take it away, and then collage, I immediately add it right back.” I love how his personal background infuses his work both on a local and global level, enhanced by a vast world-view. His work is striking and inspiring and should be a focal point in every luxury home. To learn more about this iconic artist, watch Bradford’s interview with Anderson Cooper on 60 minutes here.