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10 Emerging Home Design Trends

Discover the latest home design trends from this summer...

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Design Concepts for Privacy

Of all the luxuries discerning buyers seek, privacy may be the most valuable. Designs that promote privacy vary, but these three innovative concepts are garnering interest by pushing the boundaries.

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Architectural Classic | Pacific Palisades

Imagine a home so breathtaking that it appeals to you on the deepest level... like a piece of fine art.

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Karen Dotrice and Ned Nalle Want To Share Our Story

Didn’t want to sell our Brentwood house, but it was time. Arlene found the dream buyer for us...

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LACMA: Stanley Kubrick Exhibit

I had such an incredible time at the Stanley Kubrick Exhibit at the LACMA on Saturday. Organized by the Deutsches Filmmuseum, Frankfurt am Main, Christiane Kubrick, and The Stanley Kubrick Archive at University of the Arts London, the exhibit is an exhaustive display of his photography and film.

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Minjung Kim at Leslie Sacks Fine Art

I had a wonderful time at the Leslie Sacks Fine Art gallery honoring Minjung Kim. The presentation of her art was so beautiful and it was a real pleasure to meet her in person. Her work is just breathtaking!

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Happy Veteran's Day

Commonly confused with Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day honors those that have served or are serving our country today and are still with us. Memorial Day honors those that have passed.

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Uber Car Service

Uber uber-car Arlene Rutenberg is a Los Angeles based Real Estate agent.Have you heard of Uber?

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76-karat Diamond Auctioned

Absolutely gorgeous. A massive 76-carat diamond was auctioned at Christie’s in Switzerland for a record $22MM. But this isn’t the diamond’s first appearance at the auction house.

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